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To turn your idea into reality you don’t just need funding – you need strategy, structure, support and access to the right people.

With Startup Gurus, you have access to all of this and more - we call it "Smart Money". We put you on the right path to success and give you a gentle nudge back on to the track when things start to drift.



Wise owls at your disposal!

With over 100 years of combined business experience, we’ve got you covered.


We work with Startups across Europe and we enjoy links to some of the most prestigious and high profile Universities where we provide a range of services including Coaching and Mentoring. 

From website to social media; from grant funding through Angel investors to VC and beyond; from strategy to structure; we cover virtually all industry sectors and most geographical territories, and where we don’t, our network does!

In short, we provide what’s lacking in your start up team.


How It Works


Getting to know you


Initial Evaluation

Based on information you’ve sent to us (which we receive in a standard format, allowing us to complete our Evaluation Matrix) we will know if an initial meeting will add value.


Initial evaluation

Based on information you’ve sent to us (which we receive in a standard format, allowing us to complete our Evaluation Matrix) we will know if an initial meeting will add value.


Getting to know you

We spend time talking with you and your team in an initial meeting. We will have preselected the best team members from our side based on documents you will have shared after signing an NDA.

This is a Pro Bono meeting and represents a significant investment in time on our side.

At the end of this meeting you will know if you want to work with us (and vice versa). We will also have a greater understanding of your business and have seen where we can add value.


Plan development

If we decide to work together, we will develop an outline plan that summarises how and where we can help.

This is a discussion document and it’s not unusual for it to be refined as we go along.

Specifically, this will deal with Strategy, Human Resources, Financials, Business Plan, Funding and Use of Funds, Our Costs and Our Roles.


Plan execution

Once we’ve agreed the plan and signed off on it, then work commences. We provide regular reports of our activities - frequent contact is at the heart of everything we do! If it feels like we’re chasing, it’s because we want you to be as successful as possible and time is always of the essence. As your resource, and because flexibility is essential in start-up businesses, we will adapt our activities to deliver the "best added value" to meet the agreed objectives. Execution is critical and Startup Gurus and its broad network ensure that you stay ahead of the curve!


Current Projects


Electric City Car with Parallel Parking

Clean Transport

Technologically advanced electric car that has been specifically designed for Urban Settlers


Renewable Energy Made Easy


Uses proprietary blockchain technology to create virtual solar farms 


Environmentally Friendly Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Developing the world’s greenest energy storage technology and turning renewable energy sources.


Doctor Patient Record Keeping Using AI/ ML

Artificial Intelligence

Developing an AI-powered platform that automatically generates medical reports.


Robot to Inspect Wind Turbines


Developing advanced robots to assist technicians in the inspection and repair of turbine blades, without the need for rope access.


Bringing Science to Poultry Weighing


We develop data analytic tools and robust hardware to lower feed bills and support animal welfare.


Well-being Tea program


Mi Remedy is all about empowering women and celebrating womenkind. 


Orthodontic device for Athletes


Non-invasive and continuous saliva sensing will help millions of people avoid unnecessary clinic visits.


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