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Your Product


Refine your concept as much as possible before you build a minimum viable product (MVP). 

Further MVP Iterations

As you get user feedback on your first MVP, you will need to improve it to get to the point where you are satisfied with what your startup has to offer.

Before you get into production, you will need to have figured out the optimal supply chain and distribution methods for your product.


 A focus on releasing an MVP means that you can potentially avoid lengthy and unnecessary work.

Customer trials are the best way of getting valuable feedback on your product or service before you release it to the public.

An effective marketing strategy can make or break your startup. You need to make sure that people who would be interested in your product are aware of it.

If you're spending money on developing new products or services, that means you're eligible for R&D Tax Relief.

Pre-Launch Model V1

Once you have gone through multiple MVP iterations and tweaked your product based on customer trials, build a pre-launch sales model.

Based on your startup's success, you will need to adapt your startup's operations to your growing clientele and revenue in order to keep up. 


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