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Iain Hunter

Marketing and Strategy Guru

Iain has an extensive and diverse background in business development, marketing, sales, communications, operations, and systems and processes. 

His experience spans numerous geographies and involves working with a wide range of businesses, from startups and SMEs through to more mature organisations.

His portfolio includes roles where he is a resource for businesses looking to grow and innovate, as well as for academic institutions seeking to bridge the gap between academia and the business world.

Global Experience: Iain has lived and worked in multiple countries, including the UK, North 

America, Australia, and Hong Kong, which has given him a global perspective on business and entrepreneurship.

Founder of THE Worldwide Partners: As a founder of THE Worldwide Partners, Iain works closely with a variety of businesses, offering deep input, pragmatic advice, and mentorship across different sectors, from tech startups to established SMEs.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Iain is actively involved in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. His roles as an Advisor at the University of Leeds and Lead Coach for the Michael Beverley Innovation Fellowship programme underpin his commitment to fostering innovation and supporting startups.

Mentorship and Education: Iain is actively engaged in mentorship and education, working with organisations such as the Imperial College Enterprise Lab as Marketing Expert-in-Residence, the UCL Hatchery Program, Business France, and more. His involvement as an approved Business Mentor for the government-funded Help to Grow: Management and Small Business Britain programmes underscores his commitment to helping small businesses.

Academic Collaborations: His collaborative work with universities including Imperial College, London Metropolitan University, and Leeds University Business School fulfils the strong connections  he has built between academia and the business world.

Panel Participation: Iain’s support of a range of university-led programmes, such as the Bridge, Fuel, and Spark Programmes at Oxford Brookes University, reflects his willingness to share expertise and insights with the academic community.

Iain Hunter
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